Mutton Bustin’

Mutton Bustin

Mutton Bustin’

Our Buckin’ Ohio Mutton Bustin’ series is fast becoming an exciting sport for the young cowboy and cowgirl.  Children are so excited when they come to our events to be a part of the show as competitors in the Mutton Bustin’.  Their faces light up the Buckin’ Ohio arena as they experience the thrill of riding a live sheep, geared up like a real cowboy or cowgirl in their professional attire with helmet and vest — the fans cheering them on.  The excitement is contagious as this is one of our most talked about events.  This is cowboy style, action-packed western fun for the children and their families, and we are always excited to meet the up and coming Mutton Busters.

At each event, the top two Mutton Busters are awarded prizes.  Scores are maintained from all summer series events.  We keep track of the scores and the high point winner of the series for the year wins the official Buckin’ Ohio Mutton Bustin’ Series Buckle.

If your child is competing for the year-end championship buckle, you will want to arrive early at our August and September events and get in line as we can take only the first 30 contestants who sign up.  We regret that we will not be able to make any exceptions due to the time constraints of our event.

Town & Country Coop

Town & Country CO-OP

A special thank you to Town & Country Co-op – our official Mutton Bustin’ Series sponsor, and the provider of our fabulous series buckle and our protective gear – our vests and helmets.

Hanging on for the ride!  photo by Paul Rampe.



Official Rules for Buckin’ Ohio’s   Mutton Bustin’

  • A release/waiver of liability and indemnity agreement must be signed by the parent or a legal guardian.
  • Only children ages 5 to 9 can compete;
  • Weight restriction – maximum 65 pounds as shown on Buckin’ Ohio’s scale is the limit.  For the safety of the sheep, we are unable to make any exceptions.
  • All children are required to wear a vest and a helmet (provided by Buckin’ Ohio)
  • Participants should wear jeans or long pants;
  • Participants cannot wear open shoes, sandals or flipflops.  Closed shoes are required (e.g., athletic shoes or cowboy boots).
  • Timed event: 6 second ride. The cowboy/cowgirl who holds on for 6 seconds and produces a good ride wins;
  • All children must wash hands after ride is completed; wet wipe sanitizers will be available.

The children will be supervised and instructed by our bull fighting clowns in the proper way to hold on and ride.

Registration starts at 5:00 pm on the day of the event.

Event Time: Mutton Bustin 5:30 pm

Entry Fee:  $12 per person

Buckin’ Ohio’s Up & Coming Stars!



Howdy Mutton Busters!!!!








Mutton Bustin Champ

Our First International Mutton Buster





We had our first international Mutton Bustin’ competitor in 2010 – Kai who was visiting from England.  We would like to share with you the e-mail we received.

“I would just like to thank Shawn and his family for providing an amazing and very positive experience for us whilst we were visiting from England this past June 26th.  We visited the rodeo with Dan Shrimplin (my new brother-in-law) from Soggy Hill Farm and met Shawn at the wedding the night before the rodeo.  Our son, Kai has a real cowboy role model that he is telling all his friends about here in the UK now and it is too cute!  Your family made it such a great first rodeo for him and we are really thankful.  Kai has ridden horses, donkeys and even camels in Egypt but never a sheep!  No one here can believe that children ride sheep in Ohio but Kai has the pictures to prove it!  He is hooked and we hope to see a rodeo again in August when we come back for longer.”

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